Marketing Through Giveaway Items
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Marketing Through Giveaway Items

So you have a small business, but you just don't know how to get the word out about your products or services. My name is Laura, and I can help you. The best way to promote your small business is by giving out a product that does the advertising for you. People love to get something for free, and if you offer something that is useful most people will jump at the opportunity to take it. This will get your business's name in their heads. Promotional items like pens, pencils, hats and water bottles are excellent ways to promote your business and get clients.


Marketing Through Giveaway Items

3 Tips For Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Strategy

Rita Spencer

After you have a website with traffic and are present on numerous social media sites, you may soon realize marketing is a never-ending battle. There are ways you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to improve your business and grow your audience.

Analyze Your Website Traffic

There are many resources available, such as content management system plug-ins, to help analyze your website traffic. Knowing whether the majority of your traffic is coming from search engines or your social media accounts can help you find which of your current tactics are working and which ones need improvement. You want to achieve a balance between funneling traffic from search engines and social media accounts. With search engines, there is always the risk that one or more search engines will de-rank your page. If you rely exclusively on search engines for traffic, your business could fold. Using multiple social media platforms and staying active on your accounts will give you several avenues to generate traffic.

Integrate Email

Many people believe email marketing is useless, but it remains a valuable tool to keep your audience engaged if you use it correctly. The main strategies you need to remember are to use "soft sell" tactics and to not overwhelm your audience with emails. If you are selling a product or promoting an item via email, it is best to include this information toward the bottom of the email. The main emphasis of your emails should be a newsletter about your brand. To avoid becoming a nuisance via email, try to limit emails to once per week. You may want to send out a single email on Fridays that is a synopsis about the week. A weekly email also serves as a reminder for people who do not regularly engage with you on social media or visit your blog. It may spur them to check out new products or blog posts.

Listen To Your Audience

It is easier to spot problems in your marketing strategy when you listen to your audience and integrate their suggestions. Your audience will have positive feelings about your brand if they feel like you are responsive to their needs and problems. Part of marketing your brand is answering questions or providing good customer support via email and social media in a timely manner. Feel free to ask your audience directly if there is anything you could do to improve your brand or the products you offer. Followers on social media are rarely shy about broadcasting their frustrations, such as posting too often, creating poor-quality or irrelevant posts, or bad customer service. If you are seeing the same complaints frequently, it is time to change your approach.

Basic marketing principles are a good start, but there is always more you can do. A good marketing strategy requires frequent fine-tuning to keep your business thriving and maintain audience engagement. To learn more about marketing strategies, contact a company like Brodie & Co.